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2020-12-03 17:21:27

Caller Name: WADE

Experience from Anonymous:

A scammer says: "They are your NJ gas and electric company". "Your electric will be turned off in one Hour!" At the end they tell you to call them back. Be careful.

Caller Number: 5667478836

2020-11-28 09:24:17

Caller Name: WESLEY

Experience from Anonymous:

They have called several times but never...

Caller Number: 5667205422

2020-07-15 12:27:37

Caller Name: STELLA

Experience from Anonymous:

They're scammers. They say hello and tha...

Caller Number: 5663664666

2020-03-18 02:37:07

Caller Name: GERALD

Experience from Anonymous:

Said your Amazon card showed suspicious ...

Caller Number: 5665484515